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29 Nov

Differences dating and single”jomblo”

Singles is a situation where a person does not have a boyfriend. Jomblo visits from understanding the advantages and disadvantages have therefore preferred jomblo people or so in takutti by the people, therefore we must have many sources to know the difference jomblo with dating in this case include the advantages and disadvantages of having a boyfriend or jomblo .

Advantages of “menjomblo” is the first time owned more utilized, with no boyfriend memanffaatkan we can more time. Normally as we go out on a Saturday night with a girlfriend used to strengthen olej jomblo Hospitality with other families that also can be used as a learning time for our educational purposes. Not to mention that a lot of girlfriends who wants to wants to get there and back here a lot of white, wasted time for our girlfriends. But if we jomblo would not be so. The second advantage of freely yaiutu jomblo bargaul, girlfriend often we megawasi or friends in dealing with others by reason of jealousy or do not want anything to happen to us. In other words with “menjomblo” we’re free to mix and make friends with other people.

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